November 9, 2022 0 By Mirm

I have been worried about losing my job for years. It is often an irrational fear with underlying roots in unworthiness and lack of confidence, but now it is more than a fear. It is more likely than it has been and my boss basically asked for volunteers today as the budget shortfall is $1.5 million.

I am reminded that one of the most often used statements throughout scripture from God to His own is, “Don’t be afraid.” I know that He casts out fear because He is perfect love. Every person on the planet understands turmoil, pain and affliction. It is common in this broken fallen world. Yet, my hope is built on the reality of Jesus and not on the situation or the hardship. Because my hope is certain, I can respond differently to the things I am afraid of and not be driven by those fears. In spite of their reality I don’t have to let fears control me. I can choose confidence and exude joy and shalom (and the other fruit of God’s presence in my life). I can move closer to the cross and lean in – even and especially in my anxiety. Everything – both good and scary – is an opportunity to depend on the One who is Faithful and True.