Silver and Gold

March 17, 2023 0 By Mirm

Make new friends but keep the old

One is silver and the other Gold.

The circle is round it never ends

That’s how long I want to be your friend.

Every person should have friends – we were made for community. I am beyond blessed by the company God has given me, the relationships, the family and the lifelong friends.

Additionally, I would add that everyone should have a friend who is much older than they are and one who is much younger. Older friends show us what we have to look forward to and will tell us we have plenty of time yet. Younger friends listen to my stories. Telling them over and over again helps me to not forget them. Younger friends also help me forget time altogether; being with them makes me feel, ever so briefly, that I am the exact same age as they are.

Thank you for being my friend.