Easter 2023

April 7, 2023 0 By Mirm

Today is Friday. Fridays have become a good day because I switched my role as minister to worker bee and now have a weekend to rest, play and get chores done. This Friday is extra special because it is God’s Friday around the world as we remember the work of Christ on the cross.

Can you picture it? Barrabas is sitting in a prison cell waiting to be executed and hearing the faint roar of a crowd chanting his name, followed by a Romand guard coming in and removing his chains and telling him he is free to go. I wonder what he did? I wonder where he went first? Did he stick around and cause more trouble? Did he run out of town without ever seeing the scene at Golgotha and the One who died in his place? Did he ever believe in God? Did he ever really understand what true freedom meant?

I think about him on this Holy day because I can relate. No, I have not caused political trouble or murdered anyone like he did, but I was set free like he was. The same Jesus who innocently hung on the cross instead of a guilty Barrabas, hung there for me too. I have been set free because a holy and loving God took my place. What do I do in response to such freedom? How do I live now because my life was spared from death?

I don’t know what Barrabas did in response but I know that I want to celebrate my freedom with hope and gratitude. I want to always remember that freedom is not free. I want to look to the One who took my place and then let the whole world know that He is love.

Thank you Jesus. I am once again in need of your overwhelming and undeserved power and grace. I am humbled by your amazing love and I want every breath and every heartbeat to be a response that gives you glory and praise.