Some Thoughts on My Travels

May 22, 2024 0 By Mirm

I have a few thoughts on my recent trip to central Europe. They are random and shared as post travel musings.

  1. I used to buy lots of souvenirs but after purging my house and life I decided to be more selective about what tangible things I got to remind me of my trip. Emotions have caused me to buy many things that I don’t need over the years and I am happy to be storing up my memories through pictures! One of the devotional thoughts I read reminded me that when Jesus’ journey to earth was coming to an end, he didn’t go find a little something to take home to heaven with him. Instead he made a way for me to join him one day. People are the sole purpose of his journey and treasure.
  2. Reviewing, rehearsing the highlights and reminiscing about the day with Ann and Lauren proved to be the best exercise. It built gratitude. It helped me to see the trip through another perspective. It reminded me of a good God and a great big world. It forced the question of what I learned and experienced to be answered. I felt closer to God by not only the things I saw but through the intentionality that I would be asked to reflect and process things regularly.
  3. The world is so big that even if I traveled every day I would never see or experience it all. And yet this big wide world is one small planet in a vast creation. Earth is a grain of sand on the shore of a limitless universe. It pushed me to open my eyes and try to pay better attention and appreciate details that perhaps I normally would have overlooked. I heard many languages, saw amazing architecture and scenery, witnessed many people that God loves, touched places and cultures I never realized I needed to embrace, and experienced all kinds of weather. It was a very sensorial vacation that left me sensing His joyful presence.
  4. We witnessed 3 miracles that I was conscious of. The first was when we prayed for a gas station as we were literally on fumes and God answered the prayer. Additionally he answered our prayers every day! The second miracle was the recovery of Lauren’s wallet in Split, Croatia. It fell out somewhere in the Diocletian bell tower and it could have potentially wrecked our trip. (Satan would have loved that) but it was found by an honest boy who didn’t speak our language yet pursued the owner by her picture. The third miracle was the protection from a worse accident and the provision of good medical care when Ann and Lauren crashed. It really could have been so much worse. I think the police incident in Slovakia, the health we maintained, the safety as we drove and hiked, the protection of our stuff from theft or damage could all be considered miraculous too. A miracle is something only God can do! I know people pray for traveling mercies and often that is code for please don’t mess up our plans, especially because we are out of our comfort zone and control. And yet, we really need traveling mercies every day because control is only an illusion. God is powerful while we are powerless. God is also merciful and loves us unconditionally and immeasurably. That is the only way to travel through life!
  5.  Time did not slow down but I think we were conscientious to make the most of it. We focused on the gift that was this vacation and the company of relationship we enjoyed. I felt a sense of worship at more than one moment. Though the days were full from beginning to end, there was intentionality in giving God thanks for his beautiful handiwork, his presence and his favor.