April Fool’s Day

April 1, 2012 1 By Mirm

It is spring break in other parts of the country.  It is interesting because it was never a big deal when I was growing up in southern California.  But when I moved away I began to understand why!  In a Word – WINTER! And that is not a season that is part of California!  We have flood, fire, smog and earthquake!

So, anyway, we have visitors!  I love that people I love want to see me and the kids (OK – well they really want to see the sun and the beach and Disneyland, but I do provide free lodging!)

Wil, Lorraine and Pip are here, who are really family to us, and we decided to go to Farrell’s, which is making a comeback in Southern California. So, and this is not a joke, we went to the website to show the kids the menu (the Zoo, the pig trough, etc) and there were vintage photos on the website. The first one posted is a picture of my neighborhood and me in approx. 1972. Freaked me out! The picture I posted here is my dessert! It is chicken (like chic-o-sticks), mashed potatoes (ice cream and caramel sauce), and candy peas and carrots! Too fun and the perfect thing for the holiday!

Julie and Brian came too and Catie came for her spring break (Chinese New Year).  Marianne didn’t need a spring break, but she came in January just because!