A New Chapter!

June 1, 2012 2 By Mirm

When Jim got sick, I really wanted to be with him every minute of the journey to recovery, but God knew others needed to spend time with him too (and that he would not recover!). I knew I would need to get a job with benefits and God provided for our needs by getting me a job in medical billing.  It had to be His mercy alone since I had never had experience in the health field before.  I discovered that it is really tough to put a right brained thinker into a small cubicle and ask them to stay “inside the Lines”; but I made some new friends, learned some valuable skills, and gained some good insights regarding corporate America. Even though it would not have been my idea, and I didn’t care for it, I decided to embrace the opportunity to push back the darkness for the Kingdom, to work as unto the Lord, and be grateful for work.

After 2 years at RMS Lifeline, I heard that a position for the youth ministry administrative assistant opened up at church, and got really excited about the potential. At the same time I was cautious about taking the risk to apply. Why?! Well, I had applied for several different jobs at Biola over the 6 years we have lived here, and other related jobs, and was turned down for them all. I was not sure I wanted to face any more rejection!  I applied anyway and asked people to pray for God’s best for me. And His idea seems to be that I jump back into ministry, specifically into that job!

I am so excited! I start June 18th! No more stress about meaningless work. No more unreasonable expectations. No more long commute. No more starting at 6 am just to beat the traffic. A ministry!  More time with family! New skills! New friends! Teens!

When we moved back to CA, we decided to let the kids be involved in choosing our church home. We wanted them to find a place where they wanted to be. We also decided that we would step away from direct involvement so that they could have their “space”. We discussed the likelihood that I would never move back into youth ministry again due to my age and gender. I grieved (as I did with so many other things that had to end) and yet knew it was the right decision. I recently asked the Lord for guidance regarding my call to full time Christian service, wondering how it would look without my partner, and if it would even happen ever again. He answered YES!

I am praising God for this answer to prayer and this gift. The sun sets on my “career” with Davita!