The Freeway Game

August 12, 2012 0 By Mirm

Jim and I used to play a game that we called the freeway game. The object of the game was to take as many freeways as you could to get to your destination. Of course we made many sub-rules and variations and for some reason we only ever thought of playing it in Southern California. Well, I think I win the game! This weekend I was on the following freeways:57/91/55/5/710/10/101/170/110/105/405/605/22/60! That is 14!  I had to pick up kids and drop them off and then go get my brother in law moved to Chino! I could have added a few more in there but I was soooo tired that I just wanted to get home and I can’t remember ever having a record that high!  New record!  WooHoo!

The key point is to never forget to have fun!  Make it the mode of transportation and all your journeys will be happier!  Life is a highway….I want to ride it all night long!