Colored Toilet Paper

October 5, 2013 0 By Mirm

What ever happened to colored toilet paper?!

It just dawned on me as I was driving by a house that had been toilet papered that it was all white! Now I am aware that I have seen many “TP”ed houses and have even participated in my share over the years, but the house I saw was so well decorated that it reminded me of the days when I was in high school and we really went the extra mile to do a “good” job. One of the things we did, especially for birthdays, was to spend the extra money to buy scented and colored paper! The “TP”ing was so festive in color and it really did not need the current embellishments of forks and post it notes (to name a few)!

I know that it is not very earth friendly (colored dye clogs toilets and increases violence in nature), and supposedly it caused butt cancer or something like that but sometimes I wax nostalgic and think about long since forgotten things – I guess I need to get my mind out of the sewer!

Makes me wonder, what else is missing that I am not missing?!