Another Graduation Blessing

June 1, 2014 1 By Mirm

HSM Class 2014


I am so grateful to be your mom. I feel so amazed at the kids God gave me and your dad to steward. I am so proud of you, your talents and your friends. You have always had such a tender heart and I can see how God is molding and shaping you into the man of God he wants you to be. (Clay!) I wish your dad could see you play soccer, play the guitar, play hard, play fair and play to win.

We were asked to give our student a blessing as you head into college and adulthood. The first passage I ever memorized was Proverbs 3 and it reads like a blessing so I decided to adapt it and add a little bit for you in honor of your high school graduation.

My Son,

May you never forget the things we (your dad and I) have shown and taught you. May you remember these things and store them in your heart because they will enrich your life and your well being. May you build your life on the firm foundation of God’s Word and seek to honor him in all you do.

May you act with loyalty and kindness at all times. Practice these things and write them in permanent ink in your heart so that you will be able to live at peace with God and people, and you will always have a good reputation, full of integrity. I pray that you will do your best to meet a need when you see it, right an injustice when you need to, comfort others as you notice their fear and pain, and when you see a life without Jesus you will introduce him.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not depend on your own understanding. Seek God’s will in all you do, choose to lean into his grace and he will walk with you, directing each step of your path. I pray you search for him throughout your day and rest in his love every night.

May you always use your talents and gifts to make the world a better place. I pray you will fully appreciate the extraordinary gifts God has given you and yet not be impressed with your own wisdom or build up your ego, based on what others say about you; Instead fear the Lord and Honor him and thank him every day. Count your blessings.

Turn your back on things you know are wrong. By doing so you will stay healthy and whole in body and in spirit.

Honor God with everything you earn and accumulate. Be generous and God will bless you. (You can’t out give God)

Don’t get angry or discouraged when God corrects you, remember that he does it because he loves you.

May your quiet strength and common sense lead you to continue to make good decisions. May your intelligence and your diligence lead you to a career you are passionate about.

May your soccer balls always have the right bounce and may you get stronger every game whether you win or lose. May you continue to feel God’s pleasure as you play the game of life.

May you and Emily always be friends with each other and with me, since you will decide my retirement home!

Your father was an amazing and godly man. I pray you will  be like him. May God bless you with memories of your dad that don’t fade and that will inspire you; and may God bless you with other strong men like Scott and Josh and all your uncles, who you know have got your back and who challenge you to keep moving forward.

May you always have friends who will encourage you and bring out the best in you and who will carry your stretcher to the One who can meet your needs when you cannot get there on your own.

Don’t be anxious about things that may happen in the future. Rather, may you always remember that God is at your side and that he surrounds you with his mercy and love. May you greet each day with eagerness and sleep each night with peace of mind.

May songs of praise be ever on your tongue and may God take joy in what he hears, may your music always be a sweet sound in his ear.

May God bless you with enthusiasm and joy to be a refreshing way of knowing him, sharing a winsome faith everywhere life takes you. I pray that your life will be an adventure with Christ and that God will smile on you.

Clayton, like I said to your sister, always embrace the life God has given you. Your life does not need to make a statement as that would be inadequate. Instead, your life should tell a story of grace and hope. Always choose Jesus. Always hope. I pray you will run risks, take chances, live intentionally, love intensely, forgive unconditionally and go deep.

I love you Clayton. You are ridiculously handsome. Ridiculously smart. Ridiculously talented. Ridiculously devoted. And you have ridiculously changed my life. Thank you.

As we say every time someone leaves home: Go with God…..because God always goes with me.