35 years

August 23, 2015 1 By Mirm


mirm535 years ago today these 2 kids decided to establish a home, partner in ministry and live joyfully for the King together.

Our engagement Picture…I’d still pick you!




I, Goldilocks, wamirm1nted to wear this cool sweatshirt that I had saved but it was tooooooooo hot. I thought about getting Rita’s but it was tooooooooo cold ( And I was too lazy to drive back to Disneyland for a mint julep and a beignet.  I went in the morning for a ride on the Jungle Cruise). Instead I stayed at home and both kids came by and we sorted slides -.just right!



mirm2mirm3 mirm4

Today is my 35th anniversary.  I decided to work on a project that is long overdue. Since Jim gave me a 35 millimeter camera shortly after we were married for a graduation gift, I decided it was time to sort through all those 1000’s of slides and digitize the ones I want to save and then throw everything else away. There are lots of pictures that my kids have never seen.  Looking forward to the walk down memory lane and then closing that chapter! I will be back to update this and share some of what I find when I finish.