June 29, 2016 0 By Mirm

Every once in awhile a word will fascinate me. The word snap is that word as of late. One little word with so many meanings and uses. I was at Hume Lake last week and I had just snapped one of the kids’ pants as we were getting ready in the morning. The word seemed to follow me as it came to mind when I heard someone ask a friend to snap a picture. Then I heard another person say, “Oh Snap” as they dropped their Hydroflask on the rocks near the rec. field. And then I walked along the shore of Hume and a branch snapped and my mind snapped to attention as I began the rabbit trail of uses of this little word and the many idioms that employ it.

People snap their fingers, their pants, their gum, their cameras and snap the lights off as they leave a room. We snap to it, snap someone’s head off, make snap judgements and snap decisions. The fire snaps and crackles, the weather in fall often includes a cold snap, and flags snap and wave in the wind. A center snaps a football to the quarterback who fumbles the snap and the team’s winning streak snaps. Consumers snap up deals and kids snap to attention when the teacher claps her hands. There is even an acronym: Screen Name and Password.

The common theme has to do with a sharp sound or quick short action, something like biting or a curt or sudden interruption. So as I thought about this little word with such immense drama I thought about the one thing that we can do immediately (in a snap) and that is Stop Now And Pray. So the word of the day is a great reminder to me to do something quickly. effectively. startlingly. I can fasten everything up with prayer. Join me! Stop now and Pray. Snap.