April 4, 2017 0 By Mirm

The decade syndrome.  Jim used to joke that he did everything by decades: 10.5 years on staff in Downey. 10 years in Scottsdale. 10 in Illinois at Trinity.  Then when we moved back to CA and he got sick and died after 4.5 years so I thought that the syndrome only applied to him!  Yet now at 10.5 years I am moving back to Downey.  There is probably no significance but it is an interesting phenomenon.

The move to Downey has been a very long move. Longer than I had planned.  I made the decision and told my landlord back in the fall.  I started packing and purging instead of celebrating the holidays. Then after Israel, I began in earnest to be ready to move in Feb.  And then it didn’t happen.  All my stuff packed up and the new place not ready.  I waited. I tried to be patient since I really had enough to do with teaching for Trinity. I had to get out by the end of February but still the next place was not ready.  There were setbacks. So, I moved my stuff and then lived without it for almost another month, finally sleeping there on March 21.

Slowly, life is uprighting itself from sideways. I found my tea and my shampoo.  I got the internet hooked up.  I purged some more. There is still a lot to do, and I am anxious to get everything back to “normal”,  but it feels like I am on that road finally. It takes longer to get to work and I am still trying to find a “secret” route that will be less trafficked. The cat is happy again.  I feel like I can come up for air without being so overwhelmed. The TIU class is graded.  The taxes are paid. I am no longer sick.  We finally have a pastoral candidate!

Sometimes life is very self absorbed and intra-focused.  I am now just coming out of the fog and can look around a little bit. I can think about something else.  There is still plenty of visual noise but as that quiets down my writer’s block will be less silent!