Hellos and Goodbyes

May 12, 2017 0 By Mirm

Liam Elwood and I started a little game and it has grown.  It is the typical word exchange as he leaves my office and heads to the preschool.  Now Olivia is verbal enough to join in.  We have come up with several different rhymes to say hello and goodbye. Super fun!

Oh hi, firefly!//What’s the tale nightingale?//What’s the word hummingbird?//What’s the story morning glory?//What’s shakin’ Bacon?// What’s the deal lemon/banana peel?//How now brown cow? See you later, alligator // After while, crocodile // Bye-bye, butterfly // Give a hug, ladybug // Toodle-oo, kangaroo // Adieu cockatoo // Toodles, Poodles // See ya soon you big baboon.// See ya soon little raccoon.// Time to go buffalo. //Take care teddy bear.// Take care, polar bear //Have a good day blue jay. //Out the door dinosaur. //Hang loose mongoose. //Manana iguana// Hasta manana piranha //Leaving now, woodsy owl//So long, King Kong// Be sweet, parakeet //That’s fine Porcupine//Cheerio Hippo // So long ding dong //Pip Pip catnip or spaceship// Adios Amigos or Hippos //Farewell, bluebell //Fare-thee-well, you gnu gazelle //Chop Chop Lollipop// Sayanora Striped Zebra// Can’t stay, Sting Ray. //Can’t be late, Primate.//Gotta run, Dragon or Skeleton//Gotta go, Tangelo //Gonna scat, kitty cat //Hop Hop lamb Chop// Till then, Penguin //Kick it Cricket //Head on out, rainbow trout//. Take it easy, Manatee//In an hour Sunflower//Maybe 2 Kangaroo//Ciao Ciao Brown Cow//Better Swish Jellyfish//Better shake Rattlesnake//Time to go, Flamingo or Rainbow//Gonna Jog Hedgehog or leopard frog or prairie dog//

These are a few of the little bonuses of working where I work.  Happy thoughts! Fun kids! Blessings!  Understand rubberband?!