Where everyone knows my mom!

March 11, 2018 0 By Mirm

So people think that I have a lot of connections; I don’t really.  But, I am related to someone who does.  I could tell you story upon story of being somewhere random and running into someone who knows my mom and/or dad.  It truly is amazing at the number of people who my folks have befriended and adopted and ministered to all over the world.  Here is the latest story:

Yesterday I went to Disneyland to meet up with Natalie Hazelrigg, a college friend.  I really wanted to see her but it was raining and she had laryngitis so I figured I wouldn’t go.  Eventually the argument in my head that favored going won and I went. We had a nice visit, got caught up and even avoided some of the rain!  When we decided go on a ride, we had no idea we were about to have a God-ordained appointment.

We decided to ride Soaring over the World in California Adventure and we were in line behind a woman with 3 little girls.  She looked tired and a bit frazzled. The girls were very squirrelly and were creating fun as they waited in line. We were chatting and even though she was not trying to eavesdrop, something one of us said made her realize that we must be Christians, so she interrupted our conversation.  As we talked with her, we realized she too was a believer. She shared that one of the girls was hers; she was a single mom who had adopted her girl from an orphanage in China. Since Natalie was also adopted, we shifted our conversation to that and even engaged the girls in our visit.  The line was moving along as we made more and more connections.

When we all exchanged names, I was asked if I was Jewish.  I laughed and said no, but I was born in a Jewish Hospital and had a very Jewish sounding name and that my maiden name was Moses. (Here’s where the reality that EVERYONE knows my mom happens). Since we had already discovered that Janice was a former missionary in Russia and China with Crusade, by mentioning my maiden name was Moses sealed the deal.  She knows and has ministered with my parents! Yes, the world is small;  Yes, my parents have friends and connections everywhere. Yes, God has amazing timing and a great sense of humor!

By now we were at the spot in line where you tell the cast member how many are in your party and in unison we all said 6.  Within 20 minutes in line we had been joined together as the family of God.  By the end of the ride we were hugging. taking photos and exchanging numbers so we can stay in touch.  One chance meeting that was meant to happen is the reason I went to Disneyland yesterday. One sister in Christ that needed encouragement met 2 new friends who committed to pray for her and her beautiful little girl. God is so good. And He blessed me with amazing parents. Now I have a new friend to pray for – Janice and Hope.