Happy Anniversary #4 to the Osborns

April 11, 2019 0 By Mirm

Four is the year of flowers and fruit! And that will hopefully be the story of the rest of your lives! As you continue to cultivate the soil of your marriage and care for the seeds planted, I pray that you will continue to weed regularly, getting rid of the bitterness and roots that will destroy what is really meant to grow there.

We were made to love God – think about that! You both were given an open plot of land, God’s garden/vineyard, to care for. 4 years ago you committed to plant together a beautiful garden of love and intimacy that overflows with hope and joy so that others are refreshed when they step into your lives. It takes constant care and time to cultivate, but you know that.

I want to encourage you to keep those hedges of protection around your lives and relationship. Try not to get discouraged as you dig, weed, prune, uproot and plant because it is all part of the cultivation on the soul. Every good gift in your life comes from above as heaven shields, hovers over and enriches you, even the rain and the compost are necessary. This winter in Southern California is a perfect example as the rains caused the super bloom. Allow your marriage to soak in plenty of “sonshine” and and the quickening breath of the seasons.

I pray that the fruit of the Spirit will continue to ripen and others around you will benefit from the love, joy and peace of your life. As you work together to tend the garden of your lives and marriage, you will grow plenty of fruit and flowers to share. Nourish each other and allow God to nourish your relationship. No shortcuts. May the garden of your marriage keep growing beautifully – a piece of heaven on earth that brings forth produce for the Lord’s praise!

I love you both! Here’s to #5!