Father’s Day 2020

June 21, 2020 0 By Mirm

I think about the Amy Grant song written many years before we were parents and how Jim shared that he hoped one day, when he became a parent, that the words would be true of him as he reflected Jesus.

Eyes that find the good in things, When good is not around;

Eyes that find the source of help,When help just can’t be found;

Eyes full of compassion,Seeing every pain;

Knowing what you’re going through And feeling it the same.

This year we went to the Apple Pan and we played a new game called the Jungle Cruise and another new one called Musical Chairs. Every year we try to be together on Father’s day and do something that Jim would have loved. We play games, eat out at favorite restaurants, watch a movie or attend a ball game. Sometimes we talk about him, sometimes we share memories. It is not hard to keep Jim’s memory alive in our family; he was a great dad, husband, brother, uncle, son.

This is the 10th father’s day without Jim. I don’t know that it has gotten “easier” but we definitely have developed a routine. Maybe that is because it has become the way we acknowledge his absence. Also, it feels wrong to ignore someone who is so significant. Our holiday tradition honors our memories of Jim and allows us to comfort each other. What we “do” changes and it is often not a big deal. It is a safe space we set aside to be together, We usually think of him every day but we focus on honoring him every Father’s day and on his birthday. Maybe one day we will forget to do something on one of those days. Maybe we won’t “do” something together or specific but I doubt we will ever be able to say we have forgotten Jim.

And I am so proud of the fact that I have beautiful kids who reflect their father in many ways as they also reflect their heavenly father. They definitely have their father’s eyes.