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National Battery Day

So today seems like a good day to tell you the recent encounter I experienced with my parents regarding their TV remote. I usually visit them and help out once a week or so. Last week when I stopped by my mom asked in her normally sassy way if I could fix the TV. When…

By Mirm February 18, 2021 0

Father’s Day 2020

I think about the Amy Grant song written many years before we were parents and how Jim shared that he hoped one day, when he became a parent, that the words would be true of him as he reflected Jesus. Eyes that find the good in things, When good is not around; Eyes that find…

By Mirm June 21, 2020 0

I need a new word

Sometimes I miss you because you made me laugh Sometimes I miss you because I have a question that I know you would be able to answer I miss someone else helping me with chores and responsibilities; making goals, plans and sharing plans and my day at the end of it. I miss cooking and…

By Mirm June 16, 2019 0