Happy Father’s Day

June 19, 2022 1 By Mirm

My dad is slowly shuffling toward home. I alternate emotions often as I spend time with him. I am always proud and honored to be called his daughter but I am also sad to watch this intelligent and strong man decline as time marches on. I am not in denial over the reality that he will not live forever and I am grateful the years I have had with him. It is longer than my kids had with their dad.

One day at a memorial service I will need to sum up “the dash” between the start and end dates of my dad, Rex Acton Moses. I will tell everyone some of my favorite memories about my dad and the influence he has had throughout my life.

In honor of Father’s day I thought I would put some of those thoughts down now and share them with him. Some of this I already wrote to him a few years ago but I have added some other thoughts

My Dad – RAM

Ever since I can remember you have always been there for me. You have given me advice and comfort in addition to half of my gene structure and a love for southern food, pie and ice cream!

I have you to blame for my sense of humor, my occasional temper and so many other things that I love and dislike about myself. There are not enough words to express your influence in my life and there are only 3 other people who share my perspective, and even that is not identical. 

I thought I would remind you that you won’t be able to hear us talk about you at your memorial one day but it will include some amazing and some punny things – some memories and thoughts about your impact and legacy. Because I think it is important to tell people what we love and admire about them I thought I would tell you some of these things now while you are still on this side of eternity.

You have eaten a lot of meals. You have worked a lot of hours. You have heard a lot of sermons and read the Bible many times. You have travelled far and wide, planned well for the future of your kids and grandkids and accepted both blessings and sorrow with eternity in mind. Your eyes still sparkle with mischief and you still crack yourself up; and your mind still thinks amazing thoughts even though you share them less frequently these days.

Thank you for working hard long hours so I could have the things I have. Thank you for giving me and M, J, D all the opportunities you gave us. We traveled and had plenty of books, games, lessons and friends. There was never a lack of food, clothing and shelter either.

Dad, because of you:

I learned about our country by driving across it.  I learned how to read a map by looking at them with you and I learned about missionaries and cultures from you as we sponsored missionaries and world vision kids.  I learned to have a sense of urgency for the lost by listening to you share the gospel and talk about end times. I learned that worship was more than singing by watching you in church. I learned the value of a dollar and the importance of tithing and saving from you. I learned the importance of God’s Word as we had devotions and as you showed me how to hide it in my heart. Even though others taught me to swim and ride a bike, you told me about a personal relationship with Jesus and you modeled what it looked like. Thank you for setting a godly example in your marriage. I never questioned whether or not you loved mom and even though you might have made parenting “errors”, I never questioned your love for and faith in me either. When I laugh there are shades of the humor style I inherited from you and mom. I clip coupons and look for bargains because you taught me that. Often, when I think, I think like you – logically and lovingly, even when I don’t come to the same conclusions that you do. When I give, I give like you – generously and gratefully.

Dad, you changed my diapers, carried me to bed, read me stories, and taught me about the stars. You paid for piano and clarinet lessons and sent me to camp. You made sure I understood that faith with God was meant to be personal and lifelong.

Dad, you are responsible for me being in the Biola Band and for my original call to ministry. You loaned me money, cleaned up my messes, and listened to my dreams. You worried about me, loved me, cared about me, and prayed for me. You taught me not to quit, to give my best, and to care for the lost.

I also learned so much from you by the things you didn’t do well. You stood in the gap as my junior high Sunday school teacher and you were not engaging, yet, as a result, I devoted my life to junior high ministry! You were not a camper or outdoorsy kind of guy and yet you sent us and took us to camp.  You were not a dancer and yet you took me to a dance with girl scouts. You were not musical yet you paid for all my music lessons and sat through many concerts. You don’t care for sports yet you took me to baseball games when I earned free tickets and you spent hours watching Clayton play soccer, because Jim couldn’t!
You marked my life more than anyone alive, except maybe mom and Jim.
You etched your own character and values deep into my soul.
You taught me about humility and generosity; about honesty and sacrifice.
You have been my father, my chemistry tutor, my mentor, my champion, and my friend.

It is important that I put these words together that describe you; to honor and bless you.
I want you to know how much you have blessed me and how important you are to me.

One time you told me that you asked God to let you be alive when the rapture happened and He came to gather His bride. Whether or not you are on earth when that happens you will be alive! At the same time I know you are looking forward to where you are going. I hope you feel a bit of delight about where you have been. You have lived a good life of integrity and faith. You have left a legacy that is eternal. I am so very proud to call you my father.
I believe whole-heartedly that God knew exactly what he was doing when he chose you to be my dad.
I love you!
Thank you for how you have loved me.