October 19, 2021 2 By Mirm

I remember a book written in 1988 titled “88 Reasons why the Rapture will happen in 1988”. The sequel came out the following year! There are 88 keys on a piano. It means hugs and kisses in morse code. King Rehoboam had 88 kids. There are other not so nice meanings attached to this number but for me the best 88 today is my dad!

Rex Acton Moses has a birthday today! He may not remember much anymore we still celebrate! While I could list 88 things I love about my dad and I could write a eulogy type note about this intelligent, godly man who shaped my life more than anyone else, I am not going to. Instead I have a couple of thoughts from God’s Word.

Psalm 88 was written during King David’s reign and it encourages us to remain faithful daily. Verse 12 says, “Are your wonders known in the darkness, or Your righteousness in the land of forgetfulness?” In a few translations the Hebrew word forgetfulness is used and it is only used in this spot in the Bible. Yes is the short answer to the question. God is everywhere even in our darkest places and when we cannot remember Him.

My dad is forgetful these days. With His diminished mind and body due to Parkinson’s, he still has his faith. Though increasing in helplessness my father still testifies of God’s goodness. He shows his kids and grandkids what a life committed to Jesus looks like. My dad still walks the life of faith he has walked for many years. As I have spent time with him in the past few months he can no longer remember details and verses that he studied over and over but he prays with meaning and when I ask him about the Lord he talks more than he does otherwise. Perhaps it is the spiritual disciplines, the habits, the consistent practices that have been an integral part of dad’s life over the long haul more than anything he can remember. It says to me that the value is in the faithful rhythm over a lifetime that helps my dad even as everything else is slipping away. Since he can’t remember new information very well, it must be the well-worn habits that are deeply embedded within that can still be accessed somehow.

So today, on my dad’s birthday, I am reminded to keep the disciplines and patterns daily that draw me deeper into a relationship with God. Like my dad, may I live faithfully so that those around me will know who I really am (and whose I am) and will help me remember all the things God has done for me if I ever forget. And may God’s favor continue for my dad all the rest of His days whether or not he remembers.

I love you dad. Happy Birthday!