89 & 65 and me

December 5, 2022 9 By Mirm

My dad turned 89 in Oct. My parents celebrated 65 years of marriage in Nov. Every day I have them is a blessing for which I am grateful.

It does not matter how long I have had my dad, nor does it matter that he has lived a good long life. It does not matter that I have already walked with grief for years in the valley of the shadow. It isn’t a question of whether he has left a legacy or if I believe I will see him again, I am not ready to say goodbye.  No matter how much I ignore it, no matter how rationally I consider this current reality, the truth is that my dad is ready to go home. I go visit at least once a week and the downward slide has become steeper each week.

The truth is that my dad, who has been on hospice since May, has limited time on this side of the veil. My dad has done a good job. He stewarded his family well in spite of mistakes he made. He has lived a good life, created amazing human beings and loved his wife and grandkids well.

I think about the defining moments of my life, the values he instilled, the way he loved my mom. Even though he is going home he leaves behind a legacy. He taught me many things. He did more than anyone else to render me who I am. Goodbyes are always hard but this is the last goodbye until the long hello of heaven. I am grateful that I was able to tell him how much he has done for me, thank him, and remind him to give Jim a big hug from me.  And I am grateful for his faithfulness, not unlike my Heavenly Father. This is not the hardest thing I have ever done – that was 12 years ago. May the God of all comfort grant my mom sustaining peace. And may God get all the glory. Always.