National Battery Day

February 18, 2021 0 By Mirm

So today seems like a good day to tell you the recent encounter I experienced with my parents regarding their TV remote. I usually visit them and help out once a week or so. Last week when I stopped by my mom asked in her normally sassy way if I could fix the TV. When I asked what was wrong with it they let me know that they couldn’t get it to work for a a few days. My dad demonstrated and showed me how he had checked the batteries to make sure they were engaged correctly.

You can guess what is coming. I asked if the batteries were dead and was assured that they were not. And yet when I replaced the batteries in the remote, the TV worked!

So often we are like batteries and need to be recharged or replaced. If we let the battery power get used up then we too don’t work! We cannot communicate or facilitate change. We may even corrode. As a christian it is important to keep my spiritual battery charged! Prov. 20:29 says that the glory of youth id their strength and yet Is. 40:30,31 states that everyone, even youth, can grow weary and exhausted. Waiting on the Lord is the only way to recharge one’s battery and keep it going. If a battery is left unattended, its electrical current will drain and it will lose its charge. Similarly, we need to constantly attend to our spiritual batteries by deliberately and regularly plugging in, avoiding the things that drain and intentionally getting refreshed. This is the way to keep from being spiritually dead. May we all stay connected and surrendered to the Source of a fully charged life – the Lord Jesus!