Identifying with the Lamb

November 3, 2020 1 By Mirm

Election 2020. As with most everyone I am over 2020. Putting it mildly, It has been a weird year. I am so glad that the social media rants and angry political emails will soon “end”. I voted. I have been praying that God’s Will will be done and that our nation will not be torn further apart. I admit that I am anxious that every American will “lose” no matter who is declared the winner and that we may find ourselves in a nightmare worse than the current “twilight zone” in which we find ourselves. I stocked up on “supplies” and plan to distance physically and emotionally today. I hope my candidate wins!

I know that some of my friends voted for Trump. Some voted for Biden. Some didn’t vote. At the end of the day, most will hopefully still be my friends, no matter for whom they cast their ballot. No matter who is voted in as President, it all boils down to how one honors the King!

Since 2016, have decided that I no longer align with a political party. I do not want my views to be shaped by the elephant or the donkey; I simply do not want to be defined by any political event. Instead, I want all my thoughts and actions to be a reflection of the Lamb, to follow Kingdom values, to live respectfully as a citizen of both America and of Heaven. There are views in both US political parties that align with scripture and positions that do not. That is not meant to sound pious but I just want to to be clear (to myself mostly) that only ONE person is qualified to rule my life. He is not running on either ticket.

People can argue, and do, that their candidate is the “biblical” choice. People can defend their position based on their political bias as the way that Jesus would vote and some of them make a strong case. Perhaps some can even justify their vote for president on issues and values they hold dear while ignoring or downplaying the impact that other policies or personal character play in determining the overall perspective and outcome. May we as Christ followers never force our views and morality on others. May we never persuade others to think just like we do, or else be condemned for the choices they make. May we learn to get along with everyone for the sake of the gospel. May we never find ourselves compromising our values to gain access to influence and power. May we only ever find ourselves at the mercy of God’s grace and favor for ourselves as well as everyone else.

It all comes down to loving God and loving others in all that I do and say. My hope is built on Jesus’ blood and righteousness. My vote should make the best difference for others, especially the poor, the marginalized, the common good and even for my “enemies”. My desire is to love well. Pray often. Keep the faith. Live with hope. Follow faithfully.