Happy Birthday Connor

March 2, 2022 0 By Mirm

With this letter I first and foremost want to wish you a happy birthday. I also want to take advantage of it to say thank you, and I love you. Thank you for loving Emily and for the happy moments wee have enjoyed together this past year. Thank you for continuing the pursuit of work and faith and making family a priority.

I am so proud of how you have weathered the last few years with all of its loss, hurt and trauma. I can see you growing in the Lord, healing and slowly moving forward day by day. I am glad you don’t give up. I continue to pray that you will gain wisdom and extend forgiveness and grace through all this nonsense that has come your way.

I am praying that you will know how much you are loved and valued. May you know you are worthy. safe. brave. And may God continue to bless and care for every need in powerful ways.

I love you!