February 16, 2023 0 By Mirm

My family has been called out for over use of the word sure! I sure don’t understand why, but I am told it is the “worst” answer to a yes/no question. The belief is that when we use it to answer in the affirmative that we are still on the fence about that yes. Let me assure you that is not how we use it and we don’t share that definition. Or, at the very least we like sitting on the fence! The reality is that we are confident and certain. Sure gives the idea of yes without being so pushy; it allows for some leeway for the other person.

While I can hear their argument, I am sure that it means yes. Sure is a certainty, without a doubt. In fact, the idea of a sure faith is very biblical! To be sure of something means to be certain and its purpose excludes all doubt. When I say sure I mean just that. Sure. Confident yes. And why do my feelings matter anyway? I said I am all in!