A Pie for every state

March 14, 2023 0 By Mirm

Today is Pi Day (3.14) and we did have pie to celebrate. It is the perfect food group. Think about it. Everything from savory to sweet, from pizza to quiche to hand held and frozen. It can be created with many crusts and fillings and eaten at every meal!

When my dad was a chemist for Proctor and Gamble in the late ’50’s and was busy formulating the Duncan Hines Cake mix, my mom made a cake one night for dinner. My dad told her he smelled, looked at and tasted cake all day so he really didn’t want any more cake when he got home. So, my mom, who loves to bake, learned to make pie! She is really good at it too!

We had pie in the office today! Polly’s put a Pi symbol on the top of each one!

I am also reminded of a cookbook that my friend Paula used to make a pie every week – United States of Pie. a number of years ago, she made a pie every week and posted it on facebook. Soooo fun!

My bestie and I like to make lists so in honor of Here is my list for the day:

Alabama – Buttermilk Pecan // Banana Cream
Alaska – Berry rhubarb // Baked Alaska
Arizona – Lemon Meringue // Prickly Pear
Arkansas – Possum Pie (Chocolate) // Chess Pie
California – Boysenberry // Chiffon
Colorado – Rocky Road // Cantalope // “Pot” pie
Connecticut – Salted Honey // Mince
DC – Apricot
Delaware – Strawberry
Florida – Key Lime
Georgia – Peach
Hawaii – Hula Pie // Coconut // Passionfruit
Idaho – Shepherds Pie
Illinois – Pumpkin
Indiana – Hoosier Sugar Cream
Iowa – Chicken Pot Pie // Strawberry Rhubarb
Kansas – Plum
Kentucky – Bourbon Chocolate Pecan // Derby
Louisiana – Grasshopper // Blackberry
Maine – Blueberry
Maryland – Crab Cheddar Quiche
Massachusetts – Boston Cream //
Michigan – Cherry
Minnesota – Banana Cream
Mississippi – Mudd Pie
Missouri – Butterscotch
Montana – Huckleberry
Nebraska – Sr. Cream Raisin
Nevada – Cornish pasties
New Hampshire – Whoopie // Quince
New Jersey – Tomato
New Mexico – Frito Pie
New York – Grape // Cheesecake
North Carolina – Sweet Potato // Beach Atlantic
North Dakota – Raspberry
Ohio – Buckeye // hazelnut //Shaker Lemon
Oklahoma – fried // Fudge
Oregon – marionberry
Pennsylvania – Shoofly //Cheddar Apple Pie
Rhode Island – Coffee Ice Cream Pie // Mincemeat
South Carolina – Persimmon
South Dakota – Kuchen
Tennessee – Moonpie // Black Walnut
Texas – Pecan
Utah – Jello // Bumbleberry (Forest fruit)
Vermont – Maple
Virginia – Peanut Butter
Washington – Apple // Pear
West Virginia – PawPaw
Wisconsin – Cranberry
Wyoming – Chokecherry