Vanessa & Drew April 28th

April 29, 2023 0 By Mirm

Is life a fairy tale? I am not so sure how to answer this or if there is an answer as it seems complicated, but I do think fairy tales are best when they are true. This one I am about to share is one that is mostly true.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young maiden (aka Martha, my sister) who grew up and married her own handsome prince (aka Chris). He did not rescue her as she was able to rescue herself. Anyway, part of their happy-ever-after included the birth of 2 very special princesses )Vanessa & Sarah). This is the tale of the older one of these girls. She was raised to be kind and creative and independent. She was also very smart – just like her mother. Like her mother she did not need saving or freedom or glory. But, like all fairy tales there is not an automatic happy ending. Happiness is never handed to even the most lovely of people; it has to be found and grasped.

Fortunately, as in every other fairy tale, the nice characters always triumph and this first born princess is more than nice and pretty and smart. Her inner character is as amazing as her external visage and beautiful personality. It was all rewarded; her sweet spirit paid off! I am so grateful that her prince (aka Drew) turned out to be similarly gorgeous inside and out. True love exists and these two “found” each other on the scavenger hunt of life, both literally and figuratively. And grasped the treasure of a relationship!

One more thought – the “fairy godmother” in this fairy tale is none other than the Lord (the operative word is God)! Of course, Drew and Vanessa (the prince and princess) both have a number of godly people they can go to for advice and perspective, but both have the best source of wisdom in their relationship with the most high King of Kings! (which is way better than any magical sidekick).

Vanessa & Drew, May your life together be full of happy moments  – more than the struggles – and may you live happily ever after. May you fight the good fight of faith together. May you work together to create the narrative of an even better life than a fairy tale alone.

I love you both! You wedding day is the day you think you love each other most and best, but it is the one day in your whole marriage that you will love each other least – you will love more and more every day!

With joyful hope, Aunt Miriam