Happy Birthday Jim #68

November 8, 2023 2 By Mirm


Your high school reunion was this year. I was asked if I would like to attend in your honor. which says a great deal about how valued you were that they still miss you and wish you were around to celebrate with them. (I didn’t go because I was in RI when it happened). Coincidentally, you have already enjoyed reunion with several friends who have joined you in glory.

I cannot begin to imagine what today would be like with you around. It is impossible for me when I wonder what you/we would be doing these days. Would you still be working? Would you have written a book? Would we be having dinner with our kids? Would some of our long lost “couple friends” still be in the picture? 

Certainties for the day would be an apple pie and scones. Tea and a card or gift. But instead I am celebrating your memory, missing you and wishing it was different than it is.

Happy Birthday My love.