Family Friday #9 The Move

March 9, 2024 1 By Mirm

By now you may have noticed a theme! I have multiple posts talking about moving and home. I don’t know why this one feels more difficult than normal but perhaps it is the way it went down and all of the nonsense experienced during this last 2 months.

Moving is not my favorite. I know other people like it but I would not have made a good military wife nor would leaving Egypt for the promised land been easy for me. The times I have moved have been fraught with drama and stress, even when the new adventure is exciting and something to look forward to. It is sometimes that same feeling when I am going on a trip! The details, the packing and the leap into the unknown are often more overwhelming than exciting.

Today I am moving. I am happy to be leaving Downey and the remoteness from the rest of my life that I feel. I am glad to be moving closer to my people, even with some of my people.  My family has dispersed – kids are grown and married – Jim moved to heaven – and I am now a family of one. Perhaps that is the difficulty with this move. Maybe it is the sadness of not having a partner to share with or the embarrassment of needing help. It includes the overwhelming frustration that I do not make a living wage and without the generosity of my family of origin I would be homeless. In spite of all this I count my blessings which include all the many belongings I have, the years and addresses I have had a place to live and the memories made there.

At the same time I feel incredibly valued and loved. Many of my coworkers blessed me with showing up and getting almost all done. Though embarrassed by the amount of stuff I have accumulated they didn’t put me down for it they just packed into the stakebed truck and several cars and took it to more than one location!

One day I will make my final move. I won’t have to pack and I will just head to a fully furnished mansion where Jim will be waiting on the porch with a cup of Eterni-Tea!