Family Friday #25 My Brothers

June 28, 2024 0 By Mirm

I have 2 brothers and they both have birthdays in June. My brother Jonathan turned 60 this week and David turned 58. Growing up they shared a room and they had some of the same comparison and squabbles, jealousies and issues that my sister and I did.  I am sometimes startled at how much my parents let us fight or be mean to each other; it is something I think each of us regret and have worked hard to not allow in our own kids. We have shared core memories that no one else will ever know and we have each had to intentionally learn to move past childhood wounds to love and value each other as adults.

But, back to memories growing up. As the big sister I was often the babysitter, the boss, the defender from the neighborhood bullies, the example (for better or worse) and I taught my siblings  and their friends things that older siblings are supposed to including the lyrics to top 40 radio hits, how to catch a frog or a lightning bug, and how to sneak. Being the older sibling is a big responsibility, We were often left to play and get into mischief without the watchful eyes of parents or other adults because back in the day there was no such thing as stranger danger or helicopter parents. Even at church the boys and their friends rappelled from the second floor of the education building, lit stink bugs on fire and took dares and not the blame for several questionable stunts.

Both my brothers were darling boys who were smart and athletic and a bit out of control! They were the end of the era of Title 9 where boys were treated with a different level of expectation and respect than girls were. I am not saying all of the bias is gone, unfortunately it is especially still visible in conservative christian circles but back in the day it was a wider divide. They were lucky as they got to play sports, took music lessons and participated in junior guards and church backpack trips.

I am so blessed by both of them and I am so proud to call them my brothers.