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Fullerton Free Advent Devotional Dec. 3

When have you been happiest in your life? What events have sparked the most enthusiasm? Have you ever been overwhelmed by gladness? The word joy is very much associated with Christmas and Christianity. In fact, the joy of the holiday is usually very contagious. When the wisemen saw the star in the sky the Bible…

By Mirm December 3, 2021 0


I am quite humbled and enthralled by the singer who got the golden buzzer on America’s Got Talent. Her name is Jane but she goes by the name Nightbirde. Wow! Not only does she have a good voice, but she has a perspective that is extraordinary. I want to be like her, reflecting the Lord’s…

By Mirm June 13, 2021 0


Sometimes I struggle with relevance. Being stuck inside, isolated and away from community can do that. For me, not having a career anymore has made that worse. Is this something that matters for individual people? Even though it is really important that businesses and organizations remain relevant, or useful, innovative and up with the times,…

By Mirm June 23, 2020 1