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My Son

24 is Pure Gold!

Today, Clay, you are 24 years old. Kobe’s number! How is this possible?!  You are the same age your dad was when I married him. He seemed older than you feel to me. Perspective is interesting isn’t it?! I wonder at what I can say to you today that would be even be close to…

By Mirm March 4, 2020 0

Running to Win

Today, I watched my son run a race; actually he and 8 friends ran a marathon (26.2 miles). I am proud of them all for finishing! I personally hate to run. I cannot imagine doing that for 4-6 minutes, let alone 4-6 hours! I often wish I had that kind of drive and commitment, but…

By Mirm February 2, 2020 0

Clayton at 23

Happy Birthday Son! It has been a whirlwind. I blinked and my baby boy was all grown up. You are still one of the best chapters in the book of my life and I like to reread it over and over as it makes me so happy. I have always hoped to raise kids who…

By Mirm March 4, 2019 0

The End of an Era

16 years and countless hours on a soccer field, dozens of pairs of cleats, shinguards and uniforms; lots of laundry, sunscreen and gas, and now it is all in the rearview mirror.  Clayton has played his last soccer game.  Oh, I am quite sure that there will be more games and soccer play in his…

By Mirm November 13, 2017 0

Clayton at 21~

Dear Clayton, You are officially an adult in the eyes of the law. I think about what I hope for you as you finish college and become a independent and godly man. You are more amazing than you know. That is partly due to your own choices, partly due to your heritage and all a…

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I have taught people the importance and steps to motivating someone to learn.  I have struggled with staying motivated with certain projects  but nothing stopped me in my tracks more than my son telling me he lacks any motivation. So what do I say to him to help him get motivated?! Here are some of…

By Mirm June 17, 2016 0