Clayton Happy Birthday #27

March 4, 2023 0 By Mirm

I know that every parent feels this way, but what happened to time?! I remember the day you were born and it was about now that I finally held you. It seems not so long ago that you were my little boy and I was taking care of you every day. Now those days are memories and you are all grown up and getting ready to launch into married life!

Today is your birthday and want to use the opportunity to bless you. I will continue to say with every breath how proud I am to be your mom, how much you remind me of your dad (and that is a good thing), and how excited I am to have a front row seat to watch your life with Amanda bloom and grow. .

May you have a day as amazing as you are followed by your best year yet. May God show his favor and mayy ou hear the whispers of delight that He sings over you. I love you Clayton – Always, Mom <+><