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A Marriage Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, We are grateful for the way your Spirit moves in our lives and directs our every step. Thank you for the ways you have created Clayton and Amanda and brought them together. Thank you for the homes they came from, the love they experienced there, the principles they were taught there, their…

By Mirm June 4, 2023 1

Amanda’s Shower Advice

Dear (Clayton &) Amanda – “What marriage advice would you share?” I always think this is a weird question because it reduces the most important relationship down to a quick response… I don’t like to give such a thin answer to such a weighty subject. Marriage is our most layered and complex of relationships and…

By Mirm April 17, 2023 0

8 Years – Happy Anniversary!

8 years is not so long but it is long enough to need to be reminded that what you signed up for was to serve each other. The best way to happiness in marriage is to keep serving the one you chose 8 years ago! Keep choosing each other. Keep choosing to invest. Choose to…

By Mirm April 11, 2023 0