Family Fridays #16 & 17

May 9, 2024 0 By Mirm

I was in Europe for April 26 & May 3

This is what I wrote in my journal

April 26 – I see people traveling as couples and families, people of all ages and nationalities. I hear a variety of languages and many types of bags, jackets and modes of transportation. I wonder what drew them to this spot. I wonder how far they are from home. I wonder how long they are staying and why they are taking the pictures they are taking. I think about what they will remember years from now. And I wonder what I will take away from my own adventure here. The world is so big that I can never see it all. At the same time the world is so small in light of all that God has made. Earth is so minute in a limitless universe.  Even more, all that I am seeing and experiencing He made with me in mind! And yet I can miss so much. I stop noticing things because they are familiar. I hope I do not lose the sense of wonder and fascination with Central Europe by the end of the trip just because it is so much stimulation or because it looks so similar to something I have already seen or any other reason. I pray that I can keep this sense of awe and enthusiasm as I get tired, homesick and hungry. I want to remember that life is an adventure and those I journey with are also experiencing it in different ways. I think about the familiarity of my life at “home” and its relationships and I am reminded that every day is a gift. Every person is a treasure. I have taken so much for granted and I want to move forward with a new sense of discovery, not of seeing a new landscape but in having new eyes of gratitude.  Wherever life takes me I want to explore with an open heart, nurturing curiosity rather than rushing through life without paying attention. May I keep looking with appreciation at the buildings, the food, the artwork and architecture, the amazing innovations and imagination from the human brain, and the people that God loves.

May 3 – We have had the privilege of knowing and working with some really amazing people. The breadth and depth of talent, intelligence and kindness that I have had the opportunity to experience takes my breath away and causes me to love God even more. In recent weeks I have been reminded of this. Even more, it makes me think about what life will be like in eternity and causes me to long for it with intentional hope!

I think of Ray Lutke who listened to God and relentlessly pursued a 17 year old clarinetist to be in the Biola Symphonic Winds. I think of Rod Appleton whose voice and conducting skills can create worship that I imagine rivals the greats of old. I think of Mark Zeeman whose piano talent alone draws one into active worship through creative music. I think of Bob Brouwer  and Harold Adams whose ability to preach is inspiring. I think of Mike Woodruff whose intellect is used to cause me to process and apply God’s truth in practical and meaningful ways. I think about Pete Lugo whose architectural talent is on display as much as any architect who designed some of the cathedrals I am seeing here in Europe. For thousands of years God continues to gift people with skills and creativity to brighten the lives of others, advance the kingdom and lift his name up. May I be able to see the way He sees and and hear what He hears.