Happy #34 Connor

March 2, 2024 0 By Mirm

Dear Connor,

How is it possible that you are in your thirties? How is it possible that you have been my son-in-love for 9 years already? Time sure has gone by fast. In fact, time is like a roll of toilet paper that unrolls faster and faster the closer it gets to the end of the roll. I don’t understand all the details of time perception but I do know that time is content to kids while it is currency to adults. Also, I think of time as distance and kids think more as in brightness or loudness.  For example a 5 year old has a year is only 20 percent of their life but a year to a 50 year old is 2 percent of their life. Kids also have more milestones in a more concentrated way and there are less and less of them as we age.

May your life grow in brightness this year and may your childlike faith continue to grow exponentially. May the good parts  of  your 34th year be savored slowly and the yucky parts be swift and soon forgotten! I love you and pray this is the best birthday yet!