Family Friday #10 Seeing People

March 15, 2024 1 By Mirm

AKA – Ministry happens in the context of relationships.

When I was packing up my house I found several random tiny treasures, mostly pictures or mementos given to one of us from one of our students. I think the thing that is significant is that after so many years each one – in fact even each name – conjures up a reminder of a soul we were privileged to know and to be in relationship with. Even years after we moved from a place we would look at those things and spend time praying for those people they represented. We had a guest book that we often prayed over as well as class rosters and photos.

We started off our relationship with prayer and chose to be intentional and committed to relationship and missionsPeople matter. And we made a commitment to pray for, encourage and love the people God privileged us to know. If you are one of “our kids” from Downey or Scottsdale or Trinity or Christ Church or Biola or camp or Spain or somewhere else you have been prayed for and loved for by us. If you are one of our friends or colleagues or missionaries we have carried you to the throne room countless times. And if you are our family it is no small thing to be known and forgiven and it is humbling to be cared for and to care for you.

There are many who I now only know by photo and those are old and faded but while you are locked in my mind at that age in my mind, I love you still.