Never a Discouraging Word…

February 17, 2011 2 By Mirm

I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of bad news!

It seems like there is more bad news than “normal” lately, doesn’t it? Maybe there isn’t and I am just focused on it, I am not sure. New diagnoses of cancer, more funerals to go to, friends who are sick (and I mean really sick), car accidents, divorces, lost jobs. These are all actual events that I have been privy to in the last week alone; I am not even thinking about the crises going on in the Middle East or the American economy.

I think of the song ˜Home on the Range” and I don’t really think I would care if the home I was given had buffalo roaming or deer and antelope playing, but I can say I would love to be in a place without many (if any) discouraging words!!  I guess that is why we long for heaven!

I think we all get to choose how we see life: the glass is either half empty or half full. I also know that if the Israelites in Moses’ day(not the current ones) were here they would tell us that grumbling only makes the journey longer. Complaining is contagious.  It is also a very bad habit. They say that good news travels fast, but bad news travels faster. Do you think that is because bad news has shorter wave lengths?!  Complaining is like bad breath, you notice it when it comes out of somebody else’s mouth, but not your own. No one likes to be around someone who is negative, whining, critical. Yuck! But for some reason we are so quick to join in!

You are probably familiar with Thumper’s law: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all!‘ Perhaps that is why my words have been silent lately!!! Life has been hard, but God stays faithful.  I actually think I have had enough.  Really.  My plate is full.

And today I am in need of encouragement. I really want to hear good news. I want to see the glass as “half-full“ to be positive.  One of the MANY things I miss about Jim was his upbeat temperament  He always had an encouraging word.He was like Barnabas in the book of Acts.  I want to take up that banner and make it my “home”  (the place where I live every day)!  I want to hear whatever you want to share that is good, right, pure, admirable, fun, joyful , silly, encouraging too!

So here is the challenge for myself and any who want to join me:  “Give us a home…where often are heard encouraging words and the blessings are seen everyday”.  Let the words begin!

Extra guidelines:

Focus on the positive:  For me this does not mean that I deny reality, rather I ignore the tendency to start with the negative and stop upon its expression.  Instead I want to recognize the contributions, to give praise, to grow a garden of cheer, to bring out the best in others and make the positive my emphasis

Express gratitude: A thankful heart is a happy heart…Mme Blueberry  Saying thank you, giving a compliment,  counting blessings, sowing seeds of kindness.

Save energy: It actually expends less energy and de-stresses life to be optimistic.  It is a wiser use of time and energy to live in the moment rather than rearranging the furniture of the past, or worrying about the future. When you think or say something positive, you use less energy understanding and being understood. The brain is said to use 48% less energy to understand a positive statement than a negative one.  When you smile it uses less muscles. Cheerful words are healing! Prayers work!

For example:  Today Emily and Clayton were in an accident on the way to school.  They were not hurt and the car can be repaired.  I am thankful for Laquetta Minnix who came and stayed with Emily until I could get there from work.

Another example:  Jim’s dad is now in heaven . I am thankful for the son he raised to be a man of integrity and humor.  I am also glad that he had made things right with God and is now in his right mind.