Happy Pi Day 3.14

March 14, 2011 1 By Mirm

Today is Pie day!  And that always makes me think about the illustration Jim would use to describe how our lives were to be more like a Chicken pot pie than a TV dinner.  I know he got that illustration from someone else (I think Bing Hunter in a class we had at Talbot years ago), but I don’t care!  Jim always wanted to PTPOG (practice the Presence of God) and the following example went so well.  TV dinner trays keep all the parts of the meal separated and none of the flavors can mix together.  In a Chicken Pot Pie all the flavors blend together and have the essence of the chicken; its flavor permeates the whole pie.  Likewise, our lives are meant to be like a pot pie and not a TV dinner.  Rather than compartmentalize all the parts of who we are so they don’t affect each other*, we want our faith to permeate every area of our lives;  we want his presence to influence and change us so we are more like Him everyday.  So, as you enjoy a piece of pie today, think about how God wants to be Lord of ALL of your life.  Redemption is sweet!

*which by the way is impossible: Don’t you remember how mixed vegetables sort of all taste the same and how there always seemed to be the random lima bean in the mashed potatoes and meat gravy dribbling into the little apple cobbler section?!  In the same way, everything we think and do affects who we are….I’m just sayin…