Variations on a Theme

November 13, 2011 1 By Mirm

It all started “back in the day” when we took the youth group on a trip and forgot the graham crackers.  All we had were Oreos and Double Stuffed Oreos so we had “Smuffs” and “Smoreos”.  After that we intentionally tried all kinds of combinations on other trips and activities.  At The Bonfire, in memory of some of those fun youth ministry days, we offered Smarks and Smups in addition to Smores. Now you know the rest of the story!

Here are a few of those that were popular:

Smeeps – Toasted Peeps, chocolate, grahams

Smarts- PopTarts instead of Grahams, chocolate, mallows

Smups – Peanut butter cups, mallows, grahams

Smarks- (Jim’s favorite) – Special Dark chocolate, mallows, grahams

Elvis smores – bananas sliced with a dab of peanut butter, chocolate, mallows, grahams

Caramel Apple Smores, mallows, grahams, apple slices, rolos

White Chocolate smores, mallows, grahams

Cinnamon Smores – Cinnamon grahams and cinnamon marshmallows, chocolate

Sometimes we tried them with the flavored marshmallows, the coconut dipped ones were really yummy.