Another Year to Live Fully Surrendered

September 12, 2012 0 By Mirm

It is my birthday, which is like a new year.  I don’t really dream or plan or set goals anymore – at least I haven’t the past few years.  But as always I want this day, this year and this one life to count. There is a line in some movie that says, “Ooohhh, that is going to leave a mark” when someone gets hit in the head. I do not remember the movie, but I want that line to be as true of me as it was for Jim. I want to leave a mark!  So here’s to another year leaning into His grace and oozing Joy!

11/8/12 – I noticed today that this never got posted because I was going to add a photo! Oh well….I will post it late and add the photo someday maybe! 🙂