Share Your Christmas!

December 23, 2013 0 By Mirm

Last year I posted the things I hate about Christmas….This year I thought I would find out what everyone else likes… (and share my own too) Respond if you want to! Last year I posted the things I hate about Christmas….This year I thought I would find out what everyone else likes… (and share my own too) Respond to the prompt each day if you want to!

1 Share your favorite….Christmas movie.  Mine is Muppet Christmas carol

2 Share your favorite …Christmas smell.  Mine is pine trees

3 Share your favorite … Christmas beverage (eggnog, cider, cocoa, etc)… Mine is any cinnamon/holiday spice tea

4 Share your favorite…Christmas Candy. Mine is peppermint bark

5 Share your favorite…Christmas cookie. Mine is Cam’s or Janet’s sugar cookies or Tammie’s shortbread.

6 Share your favorite…Christmas tradition. One of mine is Downtown Chicago with the Triggs seeing the Marshall Field’s windows and Santa, etc.

7 Share your favorite…Christmas song or carol. Or your favorite Christmas Album. Mine is Russian Christmas Music and Nat King Cole’s Christmas is for kids. Or Mark Zeeman’s Joy

8 Share your favorite…Christmas decoration. Mine is Nativities from around world.

9 Do you prefer real or fake tree? I have a fake.

10 Do you prefer an angel or star on top of the tree?  I grew up with a star but I now use a beautifully crocheted angel made by Ann Method

11 Do you prefer cards or letters? I like both! I like being remembered, but I usually send a picture card.

12 Do you prefer white or colored lights? Light display? Do you prefer…. white or colored lights? on the house? On the tree? OR Share your favorite…. Christmas light display! I like red and white lights on the house and colored on the tree. My favorite light display is the “Fairyland/Ball lights” on Yale in Fullerton!

13 Do you prefer the Grinch or Scrooge? I like both. but I gotta go with Scrooge

14 Share your favorite Christmas gift received as a child… mine was my Chitty Chitty Bang Bang toot sweet maker!

15 Share your favorite…. garland on the tree …. Mine is the gum wrapper chain I made in Junior high!

16 Share your favorite…Christmas surprise…. when Jim asked me to marry him! That was 34 years ago!

17 Share your favorite ….Christmas White Elephant gift…. the monkey that kept regifting in the college group in Scottsdale….Jim was so sad when that got stolen from his office and he never saw it again!

18 Share your favorite oddball relative that you only saw at the holidays. Mine is my Aunt Janie, but that is in a good way! And I did see her more than once a year.

19 Share your favorite … Christmas time story (besides the original) … Mine is The gift of the Magi by O. Henry.

20 Share your favorite holiday jokes What do you drain your carrots with at Christmas? An advent colander.

20 Share your favorite meal/food? Mexican posadas meal

21 Share your favorite… Christmas dessert …Mine is Snow pudding with raspberry sauce by Dianne Brouwer. Heaven!

22 Do you open gifts on Christmas eve or Christmas day? We open Christmas day

23 Share your favorite …. Christmas memory. Mine would be the first one with Emily Mohler or the last one with Jim Mohler. I also remember fondly the year we went by train to Alabama when I was a kid.

24 Share your favorite gift  – Salvation.

Merry Christmas!