December 13, 2014 0 By Mirm

Perhaps it is just me, but I have this file cabinet in the back of my mind that is full of memories based on random dates and adventures and celebrations. I remember birthdays of people I knew in kindergarten but have not seen in years, historical facts, and way too many trivial details. I am not sure if this internal mind filing system is a gift or a curse but it is how my brain is wired for better or worse.  I suppose I would do well on Jeopardy if no one else was playing since I am not fast on a buzzer.

Anyway, I was given a “free” calendar on Shutterfly so I thought I would list some of these birthdays and facts I have collected in my head and put them on my calendar. It is too bad that many of them don’t fit!

The good thing about my mind file is that people and happy thoughts come up all the time!  I literally wake up and think of someone whose birthday it is or something fun to focus on for the day. Today is December 13th, 2014. So what?! It is 12.13.14! I think it is cool! Let me share what I thought of this morning when I realized what day it is. My friend Marji. I think the first time we realized it was 7.7.77 and we were on Catalina together celebrating her 18th birthday or high school graduation or something. Ever since then when a special and unique day comes up I cannot help but think of this dear friend of mine and the blessing she has been in my life since the first day we met in September of 9th grade. Every time there is a date like today I feel the need to call her and tell her I love her.

So today is another opportunity to celebrate a friendship that has changed me and sharpened me and that makes me smile.

I love you Marji!


PS It is also Violin Day. Saint Lucia Day and National Cocoa day. It is Julie White, Steve Shepherd and Adam Reardon’s birthdays and it was Steve and Debbie Wolgemuth’s wedding anniversary. Blessings to each of you!