Silly all used up

October 18, 2015 0 By Mirm

Have you ever watched kids play and create?  If it has been awhile, you should stop what you are doing and make a plan to get to some kids and let them mentor you in the art of play. I am worried about the end of silliness and I hope mine never gets used up.  I often need to “schedule” time to restore my creative playful muscle so that it does not atrophy.  Unfortunately many people have decided that be being silly and having fun they are not to be taken seriously and they are not productive, responsible or mature.  That is just not true! Research has proven that people who know how to laugh and  play are actually more productive, better problem solvers, have healthier relationships, and build their immune systems, to name a few benefits.  Further, since God is a God of joy, I think we reflect Him more clearly when we behave joyfully.

I was watching (and joining in) some of my favorite kids play and create and make up stories and plays with the help of my costume bins last night.  It was so therapeutic and nurtured my soul. I highly recommend it!play belon