March 3, 2016 0 By Mirm

I was thinking this morning about God and his wild imagination.  I continue to be grateful for His great faithfulness and yet we live in a culture that does not notice or affirm  faithfulness; worse yet it bores us because it is the routine, the habitual and the evidence of things expected, therefore we take them for granted.

We live in such endless miracles everyday that surround us and uphold us that we don’t even notice them. They have become invisible and “ordinary”. The sun rises everyday.  Seasons cycle annually. Gravity holds us with regularity. The water cycle never fails even without asking us and without us asking them to!  Our bodies work with rhythm, our hearts pump, our eyes blink, we create life. Air fills our lungs, moves clouds, lifts birds, shapes words and music.

Today I am conscious that God paints the sky to bless the end of my day, and he whispers love songs as I sleep all night, and he faithfully cares for me in spite of my lack of gratitude and notice. I am reminded that none of this is for me anyway, rather it is all for His glory and out of the depth of His character. But for today I am grateful for his great faithfulness TO me!