FBCScottsdale Homecoming 10/22

October 24, 2017 0 By Mirm

In the fall of 1985 (32 years ago) Jim and I answered God’s call to come as a team to FBCScottsdale. God called us away 21+ years ago and since then:

  1. we moved to Illinois where Jim taught at Trinity and I did Junior High Ministry at Christ Church Lake Forest. We raised our kids there and then moved back to our roots in Southern California. Jim taught at Biola until God called him home.
  2. I work at EvFree Fullerton as an administrative assistant in Student Ministries. I thought I was done with youth ministry but this current job feels like God redeemed back some of the situation. I also teach at Trinity in their online program.
  3. Emily is 25 and married Connor Osborn 2 ½ years ago. Both of them grew up in homes where both parents were involved in ministry and they have decided that they too feel called to ministry together as a team. They live in Chino and work at Crosspoint Church in student ministries and worship arts.
  4. Clayton is 21, a senior accounting major at Biola. He plays on the BUMS (Biola U. Men’s Soccer Team) as a defender. He was hired by the firm he interned for last summer.

If Jim was here he would say:

He loves you and never stopped praying for and watching out for you. He is proud of you.

I am grateful for the ministry of this church in my life. You believed in me and you gave me a chance.  You taught me how to use humor appropriately (hmm did I learn it?!). You gave me your trust, your treasure (lives of your kids), prayers, hugs, memories and great joy and laughter. You were my internet. You were my Stadler and Waldorf – you told me what you thought .

I wanted to share what you taught me – the things I learned here (in random order):

  • Ministry really does happen best in the context of relationships. What I say is forgotten. What I do is meaningful for the moment.  How I loved and listened creates legacy and family that is forever!
  • Size does not matter.  Small groups, little people. All are the same from God’s perspective. Little things can make a big difference.12 isn’t as old as I thought it was but it is old enough.
  • Never overestimate the worth of anyone. 1 Tim 4:12 No one is average, no one should be marginalized, every one deserves respect.
  • Change is the only Constant
  • Pants with pockets are better. (flexibilty and creativity are great gifts)
  • Find the Good. Be the good. Bless. Give grace upon grace. 

I learned how to be a better speaker, listener and friend. I learned to see beauty in the desert. I learned to choose joy. I realized that God can use me and I could do more than I thought I could. I learned generosity. I learned to parent.

Here are some snapshots of the weekend!