December 5, 2017 0 By Mirm

50 years Dennie and Diana

This ministry power couple has had a powerful impact on many people, but most importantly (for me anyways), they have shaped me more than they will ever know. It is an honor to celebrate their marriage and I join the 1000’s of others who would be first in line to say thank you to them as well. The example of their marriage, the example of their parenting, the fruitfulness of their partnership in ministry, the kindness and faithfulness they exude and the humble and consistent faith are extraordinary. Blessings a bunch to the Clemetsons.

17 Years David & Angelique

I got to perform their ceremony. It is still one of the highlights of my life!

30 Years Jonathan & Judy

2 of my siblings and one of Jim’s have now been married longer than I was. I have to admit that I am a bit jealous! I do miss being married (to Jim specifically)

60 Years –  Mom and Dad

My parents have been married for 60 years. Wow! I am not sure how my siblings feel, but I am grateful for the fact that God chose to put me in this family. (At least most of the time). What a rare privilege to grow up in a home with enough food, enough education, needs met well enough and more than enough love and laughter. I could focus on the mistakes my parents made, or any number of injustices, or stale and weird things we were offered to eat. My siblings and I can recount many stories of how the folks made decisions that negatively impacted us. And yet, not only could it have been worse, it is more about how well it was that in spite of all else, we were blessed with a home that modeled faith and love. We were given much.

At the anniversary dinner, my mom was sharing how they learned to trust God throughout their marriage as they raised us kids but that was not clear to those who were listening. In their defense, which I feel I must come to more often than I ever used to, they may not be the best at communicating but I think they have expressed their love for the Lord and each other and their family in consistent ways for all my life

Thank you for praying for me and for leading me into a reasonable and intelligent faith.

Thank you for providing me with food, clothes, shelter and more.

Thank you for creating traditions that we still enjoy today and are passing on.

Some of the lessons I learned were through your failures and mistakes.

Thank you for not divorcing, even though a relative “assured” us kids that it would happen.

Thank you for more than you will ever know.

With Admiration and love,


PS. 70 of Earl & Connie is coming in April!!!!