Hank Plow

October 12, 2018 0 By Mirm

Jim has several cousins on both sides of his family, but some on his mom’s side were also friends!

Richard Howard lived in Scottsdale, walking distance to us when we lived there. He grew up in Arizona, so his parents and brother were also nearby.  When we moved to the state, he was very excited.  In the ten years that followed our families became close and for the first time I saw people related to Jim that shared his humor, his creativity, and his musical abilities! It was our privilege to share life, holidays, birth of our kids and faith and church.

There are few people who are as talented and creative as Rich Howard.  He was the quintessential entertainer and his personality was captivating and charismatic.  I loved living near the Howards.  Even after we moved away, the relationship continued.  When Jim got sick, Rich came to spend time with him. He even did a magic trick at Jim’s celebration of life.

On Tuesday, Oct. 9th, Rich passed away, leaving a tsunami of grief for all those who knew and loved him.  He was outwardly funny, kind, thoughtful, and full of love and joy.  He was definitely an original. He cherished life, loved nature, and was proud of his kids!  I will miss him everyday until we meet again in heaven.  (I am sure Jim was excited to greet him!)