New Year New Choices

January 6, 2019 0 By Mirm

I must say that last year I was very successful at meeting my resolution, which was to not make any resolutions! LOL

This year however is different. There are only 250 days or so until I hit a big birthday and I feel like I have some things to address as I say goodbye to this decade of my life. It definitely has been the hardest years but that is not meant to be a complaint. It is just a statement of fact.

So I am attempting the classic resolution of losing weight. I am reading through the Bible with the focus on discovering the beauty and joy of the Lord. I am working on a writing project and I am trying to read a few more books. Perhaps I am taking on too much all at once but I need to try.

The big landmark birthdays are more than just another ring on the the tree of life; I am not expecting depression but I guess it might be more introspection about what I have done with my life and my mortality. Maybe not. I don’t know, but I want to be in top condition emotionally, physically and spiritually for when the magic date hits the fan.

I guess someone might look on and think that I am trying to reinvent myself and to some degree they might be right. On another level I would say that I am just trying to figure out a path through a new chapter that is uncomfortable, natural and forces new habits to live it successfully. After all the empty nest, the loss of career ministry career and widowhood are the scenery on this leg of the journey. In other words I am finding new ways to enjoy the life God has given me to the fullest and since I have never been here before I want His perspective and hear that I am enough.

Running my race to win….