A life full of rainbow sprinkles

April 13, 2019 0 By Mirm


When I think of you I think of total organized chaos – a hot mess (in a good way) – kind of life that is ripped at the edges and colorfully spray painted with African rhythm in the background . There are purses and shoes that always fit and carry all the things.

You are loud and brave and kind and compassionate. Your life has a big huge welcome mat in the front and happy safe spaces inside where people who don’t believe in good things come in and find Jesus, hot tea and a hug. You are generous with your rainbow sprinkles, genuine, soft, and you are what I needed when I entered your space. I want a life like yours that is a big couch that people can crash on when they are too tired to drive, when they got their heart broken or when they just want company.

In the story of my life, you are one of my favorite chapters! You are big hearted, and you go deep as you hear even the things I am not saying. I admire that gift!

I love you and wish you you more happiness that a thousand rainbows on your birthday.

Blessings for the next year of adventures,