Happy Anniversary 2021

April 11, 2021 0 By Mirm

6 years! You have hung in there in spite of struggles. It is my prayer that you will do more than hang in there moving forward, that you will move closer to the Lord and to each other.

I want to buy you a piece of furniture to be a reminder of your relationship. It might be a stretch, but hear me out. By way of comparison, when I was first married we were given a table. It was a well used piece with chairs that had been restored so that it was like new. It was new to us, just like our marriage. It was bigger than we needed, but we knew it would be better used more often as the years would go by. At first we took such good care of it. We kept it polished. We covered the wood with a protective cover and put plastic over the cloth seat cushions. We touched up nicks and scratches. We replaced the cushions when they were worn and protected it as best we could. But, time went on and the attention and care that wood furniture needs happened less and less often. Though it is now an antique it has several battle scars and could be in better shape.

Every marriage is like furniture. It needs care regularly. If it is taken for granted, if it is uncared for it becomes vulnerable to damage from the wears and tears of life. Marriage and furniture can be replaced, but I will tell you that I am so glad I still have that table! I love it. It is full of memories and I hope I never have to replace it. Similarly, the care you gave your relationship when it first started, the bond you created at the beginning will be irreplaceable and worth keeping as you regularly love each other and attend to it.

You have had a lot of challenges, stressors and expectations on your lives in such a short amount of time. It would be easy to take things out on each other, be irritable and critical or even decide that there is no reason to put any more effort in. Rather than ever assume that you will always be together, I pray that you will give the time and attention it takes to care for your marriage. It is my hope that becoming a good steward of a piece of furniture will give you awareness of the value of caring for your marriage that you will love and never want to replace.

I love you both!